Beaded Jewelry

It has been said that beaded jewelry can be dated back to 70,000 years ago. This type of jewelry evolved out of sheer practicality, as the beads were actually used as currency. The precious stones and beads would be tied to leather or fabric and worn around one’s necks as there were no purses, pockets or bags to carry the stones/beads or any other easier method of transporting them. This is how this type of jewelry came to be. It was soon recognized that those who wore these jewels around their necks or wrists were those with great wealth and often power as well. They were worn to assert wealth and traded for other valuable items as well.

Huichol_beaded_bracelet_with_a_honeycomb_patternThe composition of the beads and these types of jewelry differs and has differed over time and by culture, country and person. Beads can, and have been made out of everything from bone to glass. Those who craft the jewelry often keep their craft tricks and tips secret, and some were even forced to keep the trade a secret by law. It wasn’t until the 1800s when beads became mass produced and thus associated less with only those of the highest wealth and power. Beads became more widely available and this was about the time where large scale producers saw an opportunity to reach a larger market with their secret processes and beautiful pieces. Though these beads and gems are more accessible, the process of their creation remains a well-kept secret. Different areas of the world are known for different types of beads, which is part of why these pieces are so popular.

The Trinket Shop prides themselves on carrying on the tradition of the mysterious beaded jewelry. Handcrafted pieces are unique, timeless and embody the history associated with these beautiful beads.

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