Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces have become increasingly popular across the world. This trend is not new, but rather is actually a recycled trend which has been recycled over and over and over. These statement pieces date back hundreds of years, and have evolved in its appearance and significance. Anne Boleyn is featured in several portraits wearing what would appear to be a choker which was composed of pearls and a ‘B’ pendant that was worn very close to her neck. 9999This trend was followed by chokers worn by female expatriates in France who wore ribbons as necklaces (or chokers) to pay tribute to the dead and/or dying. Confusingly, chokers proceeded to remain an important fashion component as the Victorian era rolled around where it was argued these necklaces had ties to both prostitutes and royals. Some of the royals who wore chokers included Queen Victoria and Alexandra (the Prince of Wales).These two influential were the reasons chokers remained a trend over the course of the next 50 years The 20’s version of chokers was more subtle, featuring beads and ribbons whereas the 1940’s boasted dog collars. These were made of everything from ribbon to diamonds. The 90’s finally rolled around and chokers were endorsed by everyone from athletes to celebrities. The tattoo choker was the most memorable type of choker from the 90’s. The tattoo choker was what believed to be the last of the choker era. Contrary to this popular belief, recently these chokers have made yet another comeback, boasting new colours, textures, materials and styles.

Stop by a local trinket or jewelry store to find pieces as unique as you are to help enhance your favorite outfits, and wear the choker proudly knowing all of the history and significance behind these pieces. Stop by and find something that fits your unique style!

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