The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is something we are all familiar with and that exists in societies, cultures and traditions across the world. One thing that not everyone is aware of or clear about is why we exchange these rings or where this tradition came from. The oldest traceable wedding ring dates back over 5000 years ago. These rings were part of ancient Egyptian culture whereby people would give each other what was known to be “rings of love”. The symbolism was strong as circles have no end and thus are a powerful symbol and statement. The hole in the middle of the ring/circle symbolized a gateway to the unknown.

1-1203879082HMCpThe Egyptians weren’t the only ones drawn to wedding rings or rings of love; Signet rings were popular in Greek and amongst the Romans as well. The Greeks used these rings as a symbol of love not necessarily for each other, but for their various Gods. It was then the Romans who linked rings to the sacrament of marriage. Their fede rings were used to symbolize love and agreement or unity. These rings were all made of precious materials and were viewed as very valuable. These rings evolved to eventually include carvings of the couples who would be exchanging the rings. These fede rings went on to be a cultural staple or ornament for over a thousand years, evolving in style and composition all the way through to the 1100s.

Goldsmiths eventually honed their skills to ensure they were even able to engrave poems or passages onto rings. The nature of these poems were dependent on the couple. These rings have evolved from indicating an arrangement to a more meaningful relationship based in love and unity. Today still, wedding rings are personal with significant meaning to each person wearing one and thus often personalized.

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