Types of Earrings

Earrings are, by definition, a piece of jewelry that are attached to the earlobe (or the rook, tragus, cartilage or helix) via a small hole in the lobe, otherwise known as the “piercing”. Both men and women wear earrings but traditionally, this type of jewelry are more prominent for women who wear and enjoy different styles and types. Below are a few of the countless types of earrings that exist today (click here for more):

Stud earrings

14674264597_3d96fd2841Studs are typically small and appear as though they are stuck on or ‘floating’ on the earlobe. These are a more subtle type of earring, often small and sometimes even dainty. Traditionally this type of earring is characterized by a small gem, stone, or decorative/ornamental piece mounted on a small post or pin that goes through the pierced hole. The earring is secured using a metal or plastic backing that prevents the small stud from falling out.

Hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are relatively self explanatory, shaped like a hoop or circle, these earrings vary in size and composition. Smaller gold or silver hoops may be preferable for those seeking a more subtle look and larger hoops can make a more bold statement.

Drop earrings

A drop earring stays true to its name and is composed of a gem or decorative piece that hangs from the earring. Some drop earrings are bigger, longer and more dramatic than others. This type of earring, like many others also have a wide price range, varying from inexpensive to extravagant.

Dangle earrings

Characterized by their uniqueness and bold nature, this type of earring hangs from the earlobe and can be as long as shoulder length. Typically made up of small wires or chains, these earrings are similar in design to drop earrings.

Slave earrings

This type of earring was made popular to those Trekkies who enjoy Star Trek and the unique style associated with it.

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